Be an Oil Ambassador

Oh heiiii boo!

Are you ready to truly encounter essential oils?

If you’re ready to get it done with oils, you’ll fit into one of these three profiles:

♥ Curious Customer:

New to the life.  Got a couple symptoms in mind, not sure how to use but ready to see if “there’s an oil for that.”  Every person who first encounters dōTERRA oils and makes them a part of their life is able to quickly discover the positive impact these oils can make on your life.  You arrive with your ailments and questions, and you stay because of answers and personal experience.  It becomes a story you need to share.  And friends – even though you can shop direct and try to self-diagnose . . .

. . . as your Oil Ambassador I prefer and recommend talking you through the catalog of options available from dōTERRA.

It is very important to have a trained Wellness Advocate at your side to help with understanding the science, sourcing, application and usage of these pure, powerful oils.  Yes, EO’s are plant based, healthy alternatives to synthetic medicines, but first time users should always proceed with caution and be carefully equipped with knowledge.  That’s why you have an Oil Ambassador at your side – no strings attached.  All set? Good talk. Contact me with your thoughts on the “Symptoms : Questions : Comments” page found here.

♥ Enthusiastic Sharer:

You spill with enthusiasm – dōTERRA is fantastic.  Once you’re blown away, its time to become a Wellness Advocate – trust me, you’ll need the WA discount.  On my team you will get your oils at deeply discounted rates far below retail pricing.  When I first became a Wellness Advocate, I had NO intention of starting a team or building business. I am a happy professional and sought out to simply be an oil “user” because I saw the value in running the opposite direction of pharmaceuticals and chemically based medicines (which didn’t do a thing for my Mom as she lost her battle to cancer).  I wanted to begin an oil journey that would lead me as close to holistic health as I understood it back then and at the cheapest pricing and quickest access I could find.  The Wellness Advocate route was right at the time – promotions? Free products? A loyalty rewards program? dōTERRA made the choice a no-brainer for me.  Never did I expect the greatest potential was yet to come.  As I’ve seen dōTERRA grow and develop over the years, I  recognize the time to be involved as a builder is right now. dōTERRA is about to change the face of medicine.

Passionate Builder:

The common thread amongst all oilers is that we arrive here – with PURPOSE.  By intention, we sought after oils as a lifestyle, a natural decision, a quality path we chose for ourselves.

You now have your what, and your why.  All you need is next is HOW.

As you experience, you learn.  As you learn, you begin to share.  Confident and empowered in the simple, safe, natural solutions that dōTERRA equips you with, it’s time for you to BUILD.

If this is you, I want to invite you to experience for yourself what dōTERRA essential oils and essential oil based products can do for you as a business. Opportunity with dōTERRA is robust and growing.

At the 2017 National Convention this year, dōTERRA announced a plan to re-invent modern healthcare with integrative medicine through the establishment of 140 medical clinics nationwide.  

Now is your chance. Lean in. Learn. Get healthy. Grow. Share the story. 

Contact Me Here for more information on the path, the resources and layers of support available to you, in the stage you are.  New oilers, sharers, or builders alike!

The Oil Ambassador Difference:

I have a catalog of online resources, hundreds of oils to sample you with, a home library of books, a network of Wellness Advocates and an incredibly talented, knowledgeable, welcoming upline leadership team in my arsenal to help you with your success.  

You might be totally new to oiling, or you might be deep in your daily drops and ready to start acsessing the oils at wholesale pricing, or maybe you’re ready to become a builder.  

Know that any place you find yourself right now is the right place for you to be.

The question is, where do you want to go, and do you have an Ambassador at your side to help guide the way?

The Oil Ambassador | Live Well, Oil often.