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Heiiii again, boo-thangs!

What cha’ got for me?

Because essential oils are so versatile and each persons condition or ailment is unique to that person, there is no possible way to provide an exhaustive, comprehensive list of the many health conditions, emotional ailments, home cleaning, product use and/or various essentials oils possible, or recommended for each condition.  I wish my website could do that.

But . . . there is always someone somewhere with conditions more common than others. As your Oil Ambassador, I will answer research and respond to every question sent my way.

Are you getting a flu?  Have a migraine?  Hot flash?  Feeling emotional, struggle with anger, going through a break-up, unmotivated, anxious?  Maybe you want healthy skin, or you have tight muscles after grinding at the gym, or moving into a new house?  Digestive issues? Respiratory issues?  Lacking mental clarity?

Maybe you have a couple questions about oils, how to use them, get your hands on them, or make money building a team of Ambassadors around them?  Maybe help a sister out and suggest a blog post, or ask for research support on a particular oil?

To raise the volume of your internal conversations, invite me in and let’s chat.  I welcome hearing from you!

Strangers are friends we simply haven’t made yet, so don’t be hesitant and drop your digits, what it is you’re feeling or looking at oils to accomplish, and let’s nerd out on oils:

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