The Night my Grandma Died

The dichotomy of life can be so revealing.  One literal moment is all it takes to look down at your toes and find yourself standing at a fork.   Stunted, no longer able to move forward, you must in that moment, choose your path.  My introduction to dōTERRA® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils began exactly this way.

The evening of March 14, 2015 took me to the emergency room intensive care unit at the end of a joyful family gathering of our nearest and dearest, hosted by my best family friend and dōTERRA® sponsor, @essentially.estela [IG].  With a furrowed brow of worry and question, I arrived at the hospital in the darkness of night trailing behind shrieking ambulance sirens and fighting tears that pierced my eyes while I shut them back.  My family had one of those nights where you didn’t just chill in the waiting room with the regular people at the hospital.  Every relative, all friends, and any who gathered in her name were ushered immediately behind closed doors into a private staging room to await the assessments of the ER doctor team trying to save my Grandma.  Cell phones out, each and every one of us began dialing midnight calls to extended relatives to wake them up and beg for their prayers.  We knew we were about to lose our matriarch.

The first time I experienced the power of essential oils was while praying over my sweet, beautiful, healthy but unconscious Grandmother.  Mentally, I couldn’t focus. The anxiety in my chest kept me from fully breathing.  The chill of the frigid emergency room made my teeth chatter, my body shake, and goosebumps take over my arms and legs.  I wanted to enter a deep state of prayer as if the deeper I went, the greater my chances of saving my Grandma would be.  Just as tears, fear and trembling began to overtake me, with eyes shut down I sensed a fragrance so strong it jolted me out of my existing state.  I took what would be my first deep, whole breath of the rest of that night.  My mental clarity snapped into place and I began to pray with intent.  Balance in a moment of chaos restored in my present soul – simply because a rollerball of Clarycalm  {the dōTERRA® monthly women’s blend} was opened over the hospital bed.


Peace, deep reach within my breath, emotional control and balance from a bottle?  I would never have believed it had I not personally experienced it that tragic night. I have always known there to be natural health solutions that are alternative to western-medicine, I just didn’t know how to start, what to believe, or what was best for me in everything the holistic world offers.

Before my Grandma died, her first dōTERRA® pending order had yet to even deliver.   So sweet – she ordered  Clove for a toothache and OnGuard to support her immune system.  With fervor I dove into essential oils, paid for her order, and assumed it as my own when it arrived.

There are many sources for EO Education around the web.  Yet in my personal experience, my best education came from the testimony of others and sharing oils with people.  Sources were all over the place and it was so confusing, nearly frustrating, to want to use the oils so badly but not having one concise place to understand it all.

I created The Oil Ambassadorto share my oil testimony, encourage others to pursue these same life benefits, and to one day start a legion of fellow Oil Ambassadors to share/do the same in their circle of influence.   It is time to regain control of our personal health, mental clarity, and energy management, and with the potential of earning supplemental income.  Everybody wins!

For more information on how to learn about and access dōTERRA® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, feel free to contact me through the “Symptoms : Questions : Comments” page of this site.  I welcome hearing from you, sharing best practices, learning from each other, and building an empire.

I am an ambassador for oiling, and the unlimited improvements and benefits that essential oils offer to your life.

noun: ambassador; plural noun: ambassadors
    • a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.
    • “he is a good ambassador for the industry”
    • synonyms: campaigner, representative, promoter, champion, supporter, backer, booster

      “a great ambassador for the sport”

The Oil Ambassador | Live Well, Oil often.

One thought on “The Night my Grandma Died

  1. I still remember that night so vividly. Reading your story brings tears to my eyes. Your beautiful grandmother will always be remember with such love. Love you

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