Blog Post: Diffusing dōTERRA

Cheers to you, friends and oilers on this pretty Sunday morning!

One of the M O S T important ways to leverage on the power of essential oils is to diffuse them.  I’m not going to make this an annoying and over complicated three-part series or try to hype you up in typical “home-sell” fashion.

Rather, I’m going to link you out to the product page on the doTERRA website so you can see for yourself exactly which diffuser I use in my home office and in my bedroom, along with a quick read on the product description and the features.  Find that information at the link below and then return to me for some quick closing thoughts on diffusing:

Link to the Petal Product Page Here

Now that we’re up to speed on the Petal Diffuser by doTERRA, I want to impart a few helpful tips and things you should know that I found out through trial and error.

A)  WHY we diffuse: Did you pay attention in biology or chemistry class in high school? I did not, but as I know now due to my oil life is this:   The Limbic System  is our emotional center of the brain, and parts within it help us form and retain memories, which is strongly connected to our sense of smell, is important to learning and development, and help govern our emotional behaviors. “While it’s an oversimplification to say that someone’s emotions are only determined by limbic functions, it’s clear that this system plays a huge part in helping us do things like remember past events that were both pleasant and traumatic, perceive threats from our surroundings, make choices based on our experiences, control movements based on past learning, form sensory preferences/likes/dislikes, and much more.”

B)  The sensor inside the diffuser and the reservoir will collect oil resin after use over time.  This happened to me about 6-months into my new oil life and I was devastated by thinking it was defective and I needed to purchase a new one.  To avoid this from happening, every 15 uses or so, all you need to do is take a dry paper towel and simply wipe the interior sensor of your diffuser.  You’ll see the brown resin collecting there, and on the interior of the bowl.  It is like Miss Jackson if you’re nasty but wipes away easily and you’re back to your favorite blends.  Hopefully y’all know that 90’s gem, but if not, ignore the Miss Jackson comments please. 😉

C)  There are different, non-doTERRA brand diffuser options on the market.  I got crazy one Black Friday and purchased one from Amazon because it had pretty colors and changing light options, a larger reservoir, and a more powerful room reach.  The product was highly rated, and worked well for a while, until it totally did NOT.   While you do not need to select a model from the doTERRA line up of diffusers I have found the PETAL model is the best for the new oiler.  It diffuses gently, has the timer and light options, and   will acclimate you, your body and whomever you share your home with into aromatherapy with essential oils.

D) Purchase two.  You won’t regret it.  Maybe three.  I have taken my diffuser into the bathroom during lavender & melissa oil baths, I’ve carted it up and down stairs for use in the kitchen and in the bedroom, but found that I just needed more than one.  The blends you might have in the bedroom might not be what you need or want to smell in the kitchen.

E)  When you get down to diffusing, the doTERRA website advises to use tap water. I have always used filtered water from my Brita pitcher.  Might be just preference, but I would say why introduce tap water elements when you can use pure filtered water?

That’s the last of my tips on diffusing for now folks.

“Reyna, what happens if I diffuse Citrus Bliss?  Or what will peppermint do for me and where should I place it in my home?”

If you want to know more about what a certain oil will do for you if you diffuse it, as I always say – don’t be a stranger!  I welcome your thoughts and questions.

Live well.  Oil often. 

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